Imprints on sand gently made,
Rushing memories start to fade,
Setting foot on a journey of miles,
The vagrant swayed with smiles.

Moving along georgic plains,
Enjoying the torrential rains,
Basking under scorching sun,
Nothing could give more fun!

Scenic landscapes and hilly tops,
Clamorous children running amok—
Rustic views were a delight to see,
The traveler continued, feeling so free.

Sundry people, myriad bonds,
So is how the life of vagabond!
Ephemeral stays in various places,
As long as the voyager’s life chases.

Peregrinations worth experiencing,
Filled with moments so excruciating,
Moving on, with destinations unsaid,
Until soul with its satisfaction, met.

Mind is more like a wayfarer’s life,
As it’s nomadic during times to strive—
Not stagnant just within a realm,
It swings from dream to dream!