My work

Communities I work with: TheProdcast | Women in Product India | LonePack

A tool I built:

One Good Thingβ€”Discover a good thing you can do to brighten up your day

Received some goodwill πŸ˜€ πŸ‘‡

Podcasts I made:

– I currently host TheProdcast for tech product folks by featuring founders, CEOs, and VCs.

–  I hosted one for enthusiastic marketers featuring seasoned marketing professionals.

– I also hosted one around mental health featuring clinicians and mindfulness experts. 

Publications on:

β—˜ Product Teams & Brooklyn Nine-Nine β€” Product Management Insider 

β—˜ 8 Content Marketing Lessons in My Diary β€” Noteworthy – The Journal 

β—˜ The Rulebook for Avoiding Email Marketing Mistakes β€” Email on Acid

β—˜ At the Corner of Email and Psychology β€” Email on Acid

β—˜ Talking Emails: Age of AI voice assistants β€” AI Time Journal

β—˜ Contextually Humanized Emails with ML and AI β€” G2 Learning Hub

β—˜ 3 Steps for Email Marketing Fitness β€” Digital Marketing Magazine 

Shop my designs: I’m the maker behind the The Karnatik Kaapi brand on Instagram. I’ve got some quirky Carnatic merch for y’all.

Topics of interest: Building products | Product Management | Design | Marketing | SaaS | Tech Ethics | Books

I like being: Product Generalist | Logophile | Observer | Artist | Book-Hoarder