The Languid Reveries

In the onset of winter, a dreamy day,
Set aside, some time for a trail.
No wonder, what come may
That could make a magical tale.

Undulating paths, drifting thoughts,
Seemed a perfect match?
Scenic views trapping away breaths,
Even the ones you could catch.

Been where your eyes could deceive—
An insane beauty, behold?
And, the heart that hitherto grieved,
Suddenly saw some ecstasy unfold!

Unparalleled views, the nature revealed
Slowly, worries did part away—
With memories down the line sealed,
How beautiful was it to live the day!

Days after, found reminiscing moments
All hail, the lingering joys of time.
Where the heart dwelled—past or present?
Never really matters, when you’re a dime!