Spirit of a silvery season

Originally published as a part of Rekha Publication.

Beauty so stark with grey shades,
Just as each iridescent hue fades,
Came languidly the wintertide,
When autumn so gently shied.

Of the frosty rouge petals
and the withered vines,
Or the chilly wind blowing
o’er the icy brines,
With telltale signs of cold weather—
Slowly does everything wither!

Whither, O nature! are your warmth and green?
That only your wintry blasts are seen!
Glistening strokes of the auroral day,
Scaped into oblivion, I should say.

With winter comes the ray of hope,
To awaken the recesses of heart,
Bubbling up the cauldron of joy,
Arrives spring, the earth’s own art!