Of slush and swash…

A slow step into the calm littoral,
On a day that seemed so auroral,
Muddy ground, marshy mind
Wish this was a place to unwind!

Resounding, the surge
Unbridled was my urge,
Letting my legs into the sea,
I stood as if I was set free!

Tides kept calling me to the front,
I gaily swept, without any grunt.
Just as the waves languidly recessed,
With them went the worries I possesed!

Unruffled was I by the scenic view,
Time flew away, without any cue.
Each time water came to me gushing,
My heart seeing it, stayed blushing.

My soul’s clarion, I felt
Frozen tears, started to melt
“Life’s small joys are an allure!,”
I said, looking up at the azure.