Gently halts the race…

Timeless quarters swept the days,
Battling the breeze, so hard
Addled mind floated with haze,
Peace overtly in discord.

Chasing the tide, ruling the game,
Life’s trail runs apace,
Languid days bore no name,
Thoughts fell out of place.

Journeys afar, few thousands to catch,
Thinning the vibes, a little over
The soul knows nothing in match,
To a hearty, relaxing lair.

Nulling the lulls, a great affair
Tedious mind rescinds,
Pristine mirth costed a fare,
For a path with gusty winds.

Time has come to swiftly pause,
Slowing the realities down,
Haphazard reveries gently pass,
As simple joys play around.