Behind every mighty, deep brine,
Began the journey of thousand drops,
Globules of water masking their pain,
Gushed with energy, without a pause.

For the gently-flowing breeze,
There is no land that acts frontier,
Moving far and wide sans a cease,
The zephyr softly swept higher.

A spark it seems to the naked eye,
But slowly flaring up into the wild,
Tenebrous fumes rising to the sky—
Into the ashes, the cosmos exiled.

Stretching miles of a parched land,
Of a matted turf and a lofty plain—
Borne footprints on layered sand,
Endless journeys that never wane.

Traveling spaces, up above the world,
The azure slid atop the clear horizon,
Beyond the fluff of clouds that whirl,
Earth’s limitless desires carried on.

As the strings to eternity flourish,
The unbridled spirit of life rejoices,
With indefinite hopes to cherish,
The soul echoed—boundless!